In Need Of A Runaway Buddy Portland Or

I plan to run away to downtown Portland. I don't feel the need to go into self pity detail about my situation but I'll tell you the good things about myself. I'm 15, a girl (obviously), I sing really good so I could probably end up getting money that way, I know a lot about how to survive without shelter and plus I got a few street friends in Portland. I have a laptop and cell phone, I'm debating bringing the laptop because I'm sure as hell that it'll be too much to carry around and I don't wanna risk getting mugged with such an obvious item in my hand. My grandparents bought me a fancy phone in fear that I would run away (well aren't they right)

If you wanna do it then comment on here and I'll message you
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there is so much fun here.. but try not to live off the street

hey there. sounds like something i'd like to join. but im 16 and plan on finishing my highschool education, and college at somepoint.
also, i play music, so that'd be cool (guitiar/bass/drums/most stringed instruments, and five years of piano lessons along with songs already recorded.)

I take it your grandparents pay for the phone? That would have to be a plus right there you wouldnt have to worry about it being turned off. If your going to do this get yourself a bookbag you might can keep your laptop in there. But before you go taking either of those things with you. You do know that some cell phones and laptops an be traced. Cell phones can be tracked while on or during use as well as some laptops while using wifi. If your going to run away you might want to leave both of them at home so that you cant be found. If your going to run away get yourself a disposable phone and only use public computers. Never stay in any one place for very long and never give out your real name.