I'm Not Strong Enough

I am miserable but sadly due to my health and my week emotional strength i cant. :( i hate it here my dad has even straight forward said **** you to me and my mom went to him and comforted him i lost my closest friend and i have no one to talk to, and when i look at the life ahead of me i cry, oh how bad i want to run but i cant...
KiwiLiv KiwiLiv
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I understand completely...i'm going through the same exact thing :c is it still happening to you?

Yeah, sorry that your going through this too :(

:D you wanna talk about our feelings?

Lol you go first!

Lol i will and now reading that back to myself, that has to be the gayest thing i've ever said. :P
ehem*...I'll probably email it later

lol XD ok

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