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It's extremely tempting to run away and I was planning on doing it after school tomorrow. My parents treat me like crap at home, and I want a life that I can enjoy. My dad called me a ***** a little while ago, imagine having to go to school with that in your head all day long. I can't wait to leave. The reason my parents treat me like. crap is because I don't do good in school, I'm just not good at it, and I can't take my parents bugging me about all the time. They are always asking me why I'm so depressed all the time. But they don't even know that it's because of them.
Miserablekid Miserablekid
13-15, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

If it's really related to poor school work tell them I'm struggleing but don't know why. Maybe you have a medical reason and just need a group study done on you by the school. I have 3 step kids and 2 of them have different learning disabilities. After they figured out what was wrong they were enroled in special programs and are now top notch students who couldn't even read before getting into highschool.

Parents are nothing more then big kids ourselves. We are still trying to figure out things and most of the time get caught up dealing with paying bills and trying to keep the family alive. So sometimes we have short fuses from stress at work because our bosses yell at us like children for mistakes we make too.

Just remember parents are just people who have been alive for only a little bit longer then yourself. They try to do what is best for you even if it seems like nagging. If you choose to tell them why your depressed don't make it into a fight or throw it in their face like this is all your fault. Just tell them I'm trying in school but I just don't get it and if they would come to school to see your school counclier with you, to see if you can get extra help. If you involve them they will be more understanding.