I Want To Run Away, not because my life is bad

Hi, im 15 and live in a small city in Iowa. I've been wanting to run away for awhile now but not because my life is bad or anything, in fact my life is actually pretty good. But i want to run away to explore, to take on adventures, to learn and see new things! I mean what if you died tommarrow? What have you really done with your life? You can answer that your self. Life has so much more to offer than your daily routine, and i have come to realize this and want to take action. Im proably gonna be packing up in the next few weeks here and on my way. Im gonna start heading to california. It is proably gonna take a few months to get there from where i live. I am gonna do it its already set in my mind. So dont comment say anything like dont do it or anything. Ive done alot of research over running away, surviving on your own, surviving off the wild, run away warnings, helpful things while running away, run away supplies, important things to know when running away, how to do alot of stuff that you would need to know to when running away, and plenty more. I know i need protection dont worry i have that covered. Im also taking a tent that has a backpack case for it. Just in case i need to camp out in the woods for a few nights here and there. Im taking a **** ton of stuff that would be helpful. Not big stuff but little things that are helpful. I have worn the tent and another backpack with all the stuff i need and its not to heavy. Im also taking a pillow and blanket. Wanna be comfy when i sleep in my tent :). Yes i am gonna write a run away note but its gonna be a nice one. Its gonna say that i love my hole family and that im not running away because i hate you all and so on and so on. Yes i know the dangers of running away but im willing to take the risk. Thanks for reading this and i hope that you support me on this.
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Messege me i wanna do the same

I totally understand you. I want to leave too for the same reasons. tip: when you leave and you need a place to stay but are low on money, find the nearest hostel. a hostel is an establishment that provides cheap food amd lodgings. its like a bed and breakfast and a college dorm thing. everybody sleeps in a giant room with a bunch of beds (that's what its like in most of them). they cost maybe $8-$35 in the western world which is the US, Canada etc. but hostels are found all over the world. it may be more expensive in poor countries though. but yeah hostels are a great way to travel. Good Luck!!!

if your looking for someone to join you message me We seem to have a lot in common.

I feel the same damn way, but I don't have the nerve. -_- I hope you're living a kick *** life now :) take care, and be careful!! --Kaitlyn

where ever and when ever life takes you places, always trust your gut, you seem like you got your basics covered, and your mind set. i will personally set aside a little energy of hope that your journey keeps you safe from the madness of the world around you where ever it takes you.

You seem to see life in a good way