Need To Get Out Of My Marriage

i need to run very far away. Anywhere..Not look back and start of fresh. i cannot take this mental abuse from my wife anymore. Can someone help me..i am a male 28 years of age.
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4 Responses Dec 7, 2012

lets go

If she truly is abusing you, you should get out, that is just my opinion. But until you do the best thing you can do is ignore her, don't let her see that she is getting to you, if she's what I think she is, she feeds off of that.

how do you ignore someone who is constantly on your case. she doesnt want a divorce but thrives on making me miserable. if i leave her and stay she will ruin my job, family and everything else. things will get ugly with her. thats how she is.

Sounds like a classic narcissist. I would suggest you look up the disorder on the website. If you'd like to talk to me, message me I'd be happy to explain it to you and I know of a great forum that can give you support and advice if you're interested in that's a tough situation to be in...

she is a mental negative driven wreck that lives life to complain about everything. unappreciative wife that cannot do anything for herself or me.

How about a little bit of details about what your enduring from this woman?