I Wanna Get Out Because Its Not Worth Staying, But Im Not Legal.. :'(

so im almost an adult, and i think its time i had someone (guy/man) in my life. my dad seems to think different though. i am a good person, ive never broken the law, no drugs, no alcohol, no premarital sex, and i am an excellent student at college. unfortunately i still live at home and i am not aloud to have a bf while im there, so my next option is move out/runaway. i do not have a sustainable job or a working vehicle. so im torn between leaving and staying. shouldnt the decision of finding someone be mine? not his(dads)?
Unfairliving Unfairliving
2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Well isn't this a trip? I am unfairliving's mother, and frankly none of you really have a clue about her. You are giving advise to a 16 yr old, who doesn't have a bad thing in her life, and never has! The reason she is even on this site is because she was simply told no that she would have to wait, and she had access to a computer. She is an extremely intelligent child who, refuses to get a job, or put any effort into getting her licence, has become rude, and disrespectful. She doesn't have a 'hard" life, she has everything handed to her. She has both loving parents at home, a sister that she is hurting because of her selfishness, a HUGE loving extended family, and a large spiritual family. She has never gone without anything in her life! If you all would please STOP giving her stupid, sneaky advise, She will be able to leave our house, ( when its the right time,) and actually go to her own, where we will fill it with whatever she wants or needs to get started in the world. She will then be safe and secure, fed, clothed,warm, and DEEPLY loved! instead of "trying" to live with nothing.

You know dad's - live under my roof - live by my rules! Seems very harsh and I am a dad!