Anyone In England Want To Runaway With Me?

I feel like I'm living in a cage I need to get out! I can't even breath anymore. My family don't understand me, no one does. I hate them all! I have already decided what I will do and where I will go but I feel I would be better off running away with someone else as it'd make me feel more secure I guess. I have already attempted to runaway various times and failed due to a lack of courage. I really want to runaway. This life is too much. No one loves me :'( I think I'm suffocating. I have even considered suicide and attempted it once or twice, but could never go through with it. To runaway seems the best option...
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I'll come with u I feel the exact same way add me on kik,E.phase or msg me bak l.

I am in England looking to run away, I'm a 13 year old girl and really need someone to travel with me who isn't a minor so I can fly without being told I can't bored the plane.

If anyone is still up for this, I am too.

I am

Me to

I don't know if anyone is still up for this,but I'm seriously thinking of running away very soon. I've done a lot of travelling,so I have experience of the outside world.I've got a bit of money and am thinking of driving out of the country.I'm easy with destination.

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I will run away also, lets plan this. I will come! I have had enough

Are you still up for running away? I know I am, I'll go with you, I just need to get out of here!

I ran away, returned, ran away again, returned, ran away again, returned -- the reasons for returning each time were different but the first time it was because the world is a much crueller place than families. Although you can feel you are drowning, dying inside etc. you realise you were a pro at keeping it together there, you knew the status quo. in your family home, you hated it, but you knew where you were. In the world you are often alone, sad and left with many many problems as well as worries and bad memories and thoughts. Running away might not cure anything but give you room to self destruct. It did for me anyway and although I guess I needed to do that it was also the worst time of my life and I think I was lucky with having friends who were good to me, you might not be so lucky. I think if you do decide to go away, don't view it as 'running away', tell your family where your going, tell them the plan, even if they say not to do it, that's not your problem. Then your going away with a clean slate, oh and make sure you have solid plans for income and housing :) good luck!

I also want to run away. I have too much crap in my head, and I need to get out. I can't cope. I've wanted to leave for a while, but I would rather go with someone than by myself.

I feel exactly the same why right now.. well not right now, for some time. Im restless all the time, just so sick of being in this damn house. Feel like i have to act here, like people cant accept the real me so i dont often show it to them.