Tonight's The Night.

Hell everyone, tonight im running away. I have everything that i was planning on taking, and packed up all nice and tight. Im also taking about 50$. What im first gonna do is wait till it is about 2-3 in the morning and sneak out my front door. My parents bedroom is downstairs and my dad is at work anyway and my mom is a hard sleeper. My dad works night shifts. Once im out of the house im gonna start running towards downtown city and start heading over the bridge to another state. I thought it was the best for me to get out of the state right away. Its only about a hours worth of walking from where i live. Then im just gonna walk all night and all tommarow, and from then on idk what is gonna happen. Where ever life takes me its where it takes me. Im heading towards Colorado tho. Hoping to find myself in Dever. I would of ran earlier but i didnt have the courage, and tonight is the night im just gonna do it. Who ever is reading this and is gonna run away, Good luck to you and dont trust no one and always go with your gut. If your wondering why im running away read my other post: EP Link
1BillonGalaxies 1BillonGalaxies
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Honestly, if you are still here, just be careful. The world isn't to friendly to runaways, and only do it if you have literally no other choice. The streets are horrid and an adventure on the verge of death that one can get sick of real easily.