Florida - Leaving In 2013

Hello fellow teens of a forgotten world ;)

Overall, I am a mature, intelligent girl who unfortunately comes from a broken home that has gone past recovery (I have tried hard to fix my situation at home). I have no choice but to leave and by doing so, I hope to prepare a better life for myself.

My personality is very happy, funny, outgoing and makes great company - when I'm in a situation that allows it. But in situations of seriousness, I tend to be very rational and knowledgeable; I don't leave room for mistakes when I speak, and I will confront ideas that I feel are dangerous, in a polite manner.

Overall though, I have amazing street sense and a knowledge of many areas.


Anyways, I am leaving soon by either train (I am hopping a train, probably) or bus. I have an exact plan. Now, I am open to any people, but if you are going to stick with me throughout it and be my partner, you have to stay on my rules for safety reasons and be on my level of preparation (for I feel responsible for anyone who I agree is my partner and can't abandon them if they do turn out to be ill prepared, which will result in the both of us having to go to authority figures because said partner wants to go home now).

Now, if you have separate plans or are on a different mindset, then you are welcome to come hang out with me - but my stuff is my stuff, and I am not responsible for your choices, if you are ill-prepared, etc (Of course I'll help if you are in danger, but don't blame me if your parents catch you or you did something stupid that I simply can't help, like get involved in crime).

I will probably not take/nor join up with people 13 and under, simply due to the fact they look young and often are going to have problems on the road. I would hate myself if someone that age got hurt. Also, I'm sorry, but I am nervous around male strangers for obvious reasons; I do not know who you are nor your intent.

Now, before you decide to leave, realize this:
1. It will not be easy or fun: There will be days you feel like the world is crashing down; you will have to walk 30 miles another.

2. If you don't like sleeping outdoors, then this not for you. Prepare for tents, make shift shelters, forest, trails and camping outside of cities. Safety is my biggest concern, so I try to stay away from the streets and dangerous locations.

3. You will have to pull your own weight, literally and figuratively - you carry your stuff and don't bring down the group.

4. I do not tolerate rudeness or inappropriate words, because of how much I have to trust you. If I feel you will irrationally fight with me, then I have no trust in you and will have to cut you off. You will see that I tend to be very reasonable in speaking and there should be no reason you ever have to fight with me.

5. BE PREPARED! That means you get the supplies you need! If you do not have money, you are going to have problems. Save up! Sell your stuff! But don't go if you do not have enough money for a bus ticket - that is my general rule. However, I highly recommend getting more. I've saved up for this for a year. Also, do not overpack. Your backpack should be light, and filled with items you need. 

6. Drugs, alcohol, and sex is forbidden if you are traveling with me, even if you are only travelling with me temporarily (I don't need your stupidity getting me arrested).

7. Even though it is hard work, I still personally am planning on adventure and consider the hard work part of it.

8. You will most likely not see your family or friends again for a long time, if ever, so please think through this decision.

Now, if you don't like the above, you are still welcome to come with me, and we can hang out until we need go different paths. If you are a mature person that just got stuck in a bad situation (like me), and are okay with the stuff above, then we join up and take on the world.

Thanks :)

UPDATE 12/28/12 - TawnyMu is a confirmed traveller
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Ah, it's such a shame. It seems she's already left but, alas, life goes on.

If your ever in North Carolina message me ill join you

Dear God, I feel as though I've been waiting quite some time for a person such as you to make herself known to me. You seem intelligent, straightforward, and organized. I cannot tell you what a relief it has been to finally come across someone on this generally tiresome website with a mindset similar to my own. I do hope that we shall communicate further.

Thank you.

Feel free to send me a message.

Hey, I can't mesaage you back! It says I wasn't specifically targeted, but can you fix it?

Oops, I must of messed up my settings. I should have it fixed now.

I tried to send it, but it said the same thing. Is there a chatbox or email we could use, per chance?

Did you receive my message?

Yeah, in the chatbox

I can't seem to reply on here, so I replied on there.

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how old are you ? if your 17 or older i'll go

Oh, I'm a girl. I need to fix that...

May I join, or at least chat?

i'm 14 :O can i join

Send me an email :)