Spring/early Summer 2013, Running Away.

Hey all.

Preferably be able bodied, willing to work, and not opposed to living outdoors.

While I would prefer to live in a mudhut or dugout type shelter near a small town, preferably in a state with good hunting... I *am* flexible.

I'm overweight, but I have limitless energy and have already started a training program (consisting of tabata, stamina training, speed training, and Kinect. Mostly tabata).

I have already gathered a bit of food. While I do not have access to money (directly), I do have allowance opportunities.

No one under the age of 14. People of these ages are more susceptable to disease and heat related illness. I feel like it will just be a waste of both our time for them to come with me. They'd be better off with another type of runaway.

Guy or girl, I don't really care. I'm comfortable around guys.

I do, of course, have *some* cash. Just not that much. About 160.
TawnyMu TawnyMu
18-21, F
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My email is brentswain711@yahoo.com

Message me with info and I'm 18 years old

I'll go what state do you live in?

I'm interested in going . I'm a f15

thecaliforniakid68@yahoo.com can you email me some info too pleas , i would like to go

I'd like to go, if possible. I sent an email with more detail.

I cannot reply to your message because I have been blocked.
I have not been specifically targeted.

Yeah, can you help me out with that?

Sorry, I don't know what's causing that, I don't think I blocked anyone. Still, I just changed my account settings, so that might help. If you still can't reply, then you can just send me an email instead, my address is: john.822@hushmail.com

I sent an email