I Have Had Thoughts Of Doing Just That!

Since I lost my wife to cancer, I have had thoughts of doing just that. I guess i am fortunate to have a getaway place (Fl. home) near the beach but with the uncertainty of our economy, since the last election, I have thought of leaving here and living in Chiang Mai Thailand, where I have spent a lot of time and where the dollar is worth 30 times as much, living is simple and cheep, with no taxes to pay (no property, income or sales taxes) and I have always wanted to live there. A complete meal cost 30 Baht, less than a dollar. Love the food!!! I have friends there, and would love to live out my days in paradise. The main thing that holds me here is of course my family and friends but they know about my longing to live there. I have been gradually selling off most of my assets here so I will be free to take off anytime I decide to. I also have friends in neighboring Malaysia and Singapore.
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1 Response Dec 30, 2012

Go for it, you wouldn't regret it!

Thanks, just have to finish tying up lose ends here!