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Keep On Driving

I worked for 18 years on the night shift. Every single night I would drive to work, The Motorway is big and wide, fast and fun. I love the Motorway. Always as I approached my junction thoughts of just flying past would enter my mind. Just keep on driving sweetie! Drive until the car runs out of diesel. Abandon the car and start walking. Walk until you cannot walk anymore. Leave all ID in the car. Just have enough money to last a few days.

People vanish every day. Nobody would find me. I could give myself a new name, get a tedious job, a tiny house. Start again. Be someone new.

I never did it.

I don't often have these thoughts anymore. I would still like to have the tiny house and the tedious job, no ties, no worries. Still like to run away.

I have a good life though, good friends, I am happy. I am self employed now, run my own business. I don't answer to anyone. I made the changes necessary to improve my life. I didn't really want to run away from the people I love, just the responsibility of life. I wanted to be free.

I still want to be free. I find comfort in other areas of my life now. I work hard, I play hard, I live life. I am happy. When things come crashing down around me, I step back, turn away, take a deep breath and try again. We believe the grass is greener over the fence, it rarely is. Water your own grass, feed it. tend it. Life is good, live it to it's fullest.

That is all................
living4now living4now 41-45, F 1 Response Jan 7, 2013

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Self actualization, wow. Few attain it from what I can gather, but you seem to have the inside track. :-)

Perhaps I am just too lazy ;)