I Am A Letdown.

My family is good to me and all, but I feel like I am letting them down all the time. I failed and quit college, I can not hold a job, I am usually depressing around them (I just say I am tired to not make them feel bad). And I just feel like I'm leeching off of them. For example, I always have to go to doctors for "conditions" that I have, and i feel like I'm just wasting their money on me when they should be using it for nicer things. All in all I want to run away to make their lives easier instead of having to deal with me. I hope someone understands me.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

i feel you man , i dropped out of high school , i cant hold a job , and i have conditions for wish i take meds , i want to runaway to try and get myself on my feet , start fresh someplace else and the try to help my family ,i understand you

I know what u mean I usually just think you know if I wasn't here they would probably be so much happier more money and just less hassle I don't want to be a burden and I'd rather just "dissapear" especially since I've been messing up my senior year in school and was sent to adult school I just want to go it would be so much easier on everyone they don't need me and would most likely be happier if I was gone anyways....

I do but I'm only 14