I Believe There Is More Out There.

Hi. I'm 16 I live in a small town called Ukiah,California. It is 2 hours away from San Fransisco and 10 hours away from Los Angeles. I want to run away to explore see every part of everywhere. I've always wanted to visit New York. I feel like there is more to my life then what I am living right now. I feel like there is something important for me to do out there in the world. If anyone shares this intrest with me or sounds like we might be similar please message me. (:
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Its been over a year... I am just curious as to what you decided to do and where your live has taken you.

Yeah join our (SamTraveler16) group. We have 13 so far and want more! :)

one day that dream will become a reality just you wait, but be patient. i also just feel like leaving the place i'm at and it will soon happen i'm 18. i don't have problems with my family/friends but i do just feel like leaving. i'm also from california XDD not living there though
if you want someone to talk with just let me know

i feel the same too, i want to get out of here and go to New York City.

I've felt this before when I think of it I still wanna but I also wanted to run and run away from my problems and excape it all