M I A Chicken???

Like every teenager will say, my life sucks. How is that different, well I moved countries when I was 19 so I didn't really have a say. I had to leave my friends and I had to leave my grandma (not related by blood but a babysitter), who was more of a mum then my real mum. When I got here I had no friends and I was the strange kid that no one wanted to hangout with. In year 7 I had no friends and I ate lunch by myself. Did anyone care no. That has been only one part of my life and there are more. In the end I have always told myself that I want to leave all this behind and never look back. I want to run away and I know that I won't care as long I have those memories of my life. But I never get the guts to do it. I always back out. Why do I always chicken out. I just need to pack my bags and leave. I have the money and I do have experience in the consumer world and I will be able to keep a job. What should I do? A question I asked everyday with no response. Is there a god that is watching and does it have a bright and great thing planned for me. If there a rainbow after this never ending storm????
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 11, 2013