Lets Pair Up

Im a 15 year old teen almost 16 in june im trying to find someone who is willing to runaway with me im willing to take my ps3 and ps2 and sell them for money and willing to do everything except sell my body for money i live in North Bergen New Jersey. plzz inbox me if u would like to runaway with me and if u live in New jersey it would be better
dAanNii996 dAanNii996
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7 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I live in Massachusetts so in guess I'm out

message me we seem to have a lot in common and i have a pretty well thought up plan in progress with others who are soon to be leaving so msg soon if you want in.

I do want to join u guys ut where u live ?


in missouri but will meet up email runawayplz55@yahoo.com

I'm not in Jersey, but I am one state over in PA..

Realistically speaking, the amount of money you'd get from selling ps3 and ps2 won't be sufficient.

I thought about running when I was about 9. It was a stupid fantasy. I did my calculation for apiece of bread a day. I'd shower and sleep at the sport stadium. But I never thought what'd happen when I run out of money. I always thought the 20 USD I have would be sufficient.

Well other than running away. Try working by yourself, you'd feel more realistic and be closer to the fact that you will have the ability to run away

i wanna run away but unfortunately i can't.

why u cant?

because where i live, you're gonna end up dead in about 1 week, max.

Where u live?

I would but I'm far too young