Running Won'T Look Back.

im a girl that live in houston and i want to runaway but can't i need some one to run with if any one live in houston send me a message.
the only thing i can say is my family are better with out me...
sandessandlonelyness90 sandessandlonelyness90
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 27, 2013

hey what makes you think your family are better off without you? being 13-15 is a harsh age, confusion everywhere at home at school, life doesnt make sense at that age and wont for a long time, i dont know ur situation but its not easy what ever ur feeling ur probably think ur in this alone and ur the only person to ever feel like running away, believe ive done it all my life but its still the same crap wen u get back, so u can decide to go leave not come back or come back later then face whatever fears u have, or make a change! its ur life and ur are the only one that can make a difference init, see a doctor talk to a friend watch a film that will make you wanna fight for ur self im sorry if this doesnt help but its the only advice i give myself, i have to to i have a family and thats what keeps me going, all i can say is..follow ur heart not ur head

when ever im with my mom we fight i can't stop talking back to her my head hurt so much that i can't just any more i make her cry so much and i hate my self for that and my dad don't care he dosen't even say have a good day or welcome home he just don't like me maybe if i leave he would not cry and call me stupid girl and i do love my mom and my sis but i just make them suffer to much, my parent even got me a psychologist or any one but im still the same

ive been in that situation, making my mother cry but i never cared , my father i thought he gave up and didnt care but they do, i argued with my sister all the time, coz of the arguements i caused in the house but sometimes just sitting in the frontroom with them watching telle with them spending time helps move forward and soon they will realise that you are making an effort and if not then you need to address them that you are making an effort and nothing is working maybe asking to live with another relative may help my mother sent me off to my older sister for a bit just so that there was air to breath, let me know how it goes. id like to know as everyone is different and so are our parents. just remember time is the key.