I Need Someone To Run Away With

I'm a 14 1/2 (June 12 birthday) year old girl. I hate life and my parents are abusive mentally and physically. I can't stand my life. Just today I went to a hospital for 6 hours because I was going crazy and my mom had to come pick me up and than they beat me.. I need to leave. Someone please come with me. 2 people? Please message me and we can talk about a place to leave. I live in Florida... we can meet each other up. :( Please.. I can live with someone who has the same problems with me for 3 years but I can't live in this hell hole. While I was at the hospital btw they asked me (social service person) do my parents abuse me/etc. I said no to all of them.. I just never want to see them again. My parents took away my technology and I'm locked in my room they are out a party so that's how I am writing this...
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Hey, I live in Florida too. Kik me at staceyrxo1 if you still want to. I'm 14 1/2 too.

Message me if you are down still

I want in. i am a female. i am 13 and i live in new york. i can come there or you can come here. or.... we can meet up half way. i just need to go

I hope that you find some help no matter what it is as long as its safe.

I wish that I could help you out but I myself am in no place to help. I'm not sure I will have a place to stay much longer. Not only that but I have a son to take care of. All I can do is offer my prayers and hope that you all find help someplace with someone.

I live in GA...you should message me.

I'm a 14 year old girl that has so weight on my shoulders and I need to run away with someone for a new start in life. I have a lot of money...live in senoia,GA...planning to go anytime soon. My email is kyra.miller@ymail if want to contact me there or on here...

if you still want to i am in. i am 13 female nd from new york. we can meet

have you left yet? i want to get out so bad, someone, please.

I live in florida message me and email me ammarasme@gmail.com

where state? Im in louisiana and im interested. I have the same problem