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Teen Girl Needs Runaway Partner

Hi I'm 15 (female) and I would like to runaway. I live in New York. I need someone who will be by my side and I can trust. Also I'd prefer it if you are of age to drive. I can get money and we can explore the world together making unforgettable memories. I'm easy to get along with. I'm attractive ...not that it matters. So if you want a bestfriend or just someone to be runaway buddy's with. I'm willing to do it. Hit me up
runawaygirl665 runawaygirl665 16-17, F 5 Responses Jul 28, 2013

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I want to run away with you. I'm 16 and I live in the Bronx, I have some money and I'm trying to get together a group.

Dude I'm a 15 year old boy in CA. Just the fact that you said "runaway buddy's" makes you awesome. Lets go around and be stupid and stuff :3 message me

Im in CA too, can i join?

Totally. We could go to New York together to meet this girl I you want? Like we could be 15 year old runaway legends

I live in Georgia and I can probably figure out how to drive 😉

I would like to runaway with you...

Im in california and want to join u

Dude me too