Runaway In Hawaii

Running away isnt the best thing, I've known people who did and ended up in probation or jail. But they end up back in trouble with their family. Hawaii is not paradise.People who aren't from here think it is. it is if you weren't born here. The sunsets, the blooming flower fragrances, are all a blur to mask what really happens here.I am 17 now, and the year is 2009. My parents have diswoned me just beacuse i love the man of my dreams and he cares a lot for me, including the way my parents treat me.Parent pressure n the way you talk to your kids, if you dont give respect you dont get any back.i love them with all of my heart, but snitching on each other is not cool, blood is thicker than water, how can you trust someone that close to you but end up stabbing your back like that? I still will attend school, but i wont visit or stop by at my parents house. We live in a small town, so the word will go around fast, and soon people will start whispering and all the kinds of things you'd expect for people to do behind your back. I dont know what it is, if it is worth going through. I lost my family, they disowned me, i lost trust from them, i lost MY trust FOR THEM, and all i have is friends i can count on one hand and I'm not happy. All i ever wanted was to be happy, to be loved and be supported to what i want to do and who i want to be. But my parents wont accept me being happy as an average person, or with the one i love.If you are reading this and want to runaway, it is your choice, but you need to be ready for the consequences that come up after youve made that decision, you cant go back......say what you need to say, dont hold anything back, and if they, anyone doesnt get it, run like the wind n dont look back.....keep your eye on the horizon..and hope for the best.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Hon, parents are just people too, and we do the best we can, although we might not always do the right thing. I am sure your parents love you more than life. Give it a chance...sometimes things done can't be undone. Good luck to you.

Its sometimes human nature to hate what we dont understand