I can't take my living situation right now..I seriously want to kill myself...than maybe ppl will speak nice of me and wish they would have helped...I am diagnosed w clinical depression, panic disorder and PTSD..I think it is so evil to abuse someone who is suffering mentally
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Depression is a very serious issue. I imagine that right now you feel very alone, isolated, and like nobody around you understands just how you feel.

Sometimes, change is good--including new living arrangements. Or, finding someone close to you or nearby that understands (or at least tries to understand) a little bit about what you're going through.

If the people you're around aren't helping or are making things worse, it's probably time for some of that change I just mentioned. It's hard, however, to give you more concrete advice without knowing more about your situation, but I would, at least, start by doing more things outside of your current residence. This could include going on walks, reading at the park, going to some kind of group support, the library, school, work, etc.

Know that, despite how you might feel, you're not alone (sometimes you just have to look), and that the people who make you feel worse are not the kind of people you want or need to be around.

Best of luck :)

Thank you for taking the time to respond... Where I am living now is literally making me sicker . I haveeeeee to leave somehow but do not have the financial means to do so...I get yelled at and abused for my mental problems

Meh, killing yourself only hurts you. As popular as Robin Williams was.. everyone has stopped talking about him.

I disagree.

Me too..read my comment below

Me too

I'm not one to say it for attention going to the hospital makes things worse they tie you to a bed and pump you full of morphine

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PTSD? What happened?

I found my bf dead a few years ago

What? That just sucks. How does that even happen?

He had an addiction problem

Oh. Then may he rest in peace. Ever consider seeing a mental doctor?

Thank you...I do, they don't help they're all about $. I've been seeing doctors for about 10 years now

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