Day Dreaming Of A Different Place

I always catch myself thinking about me running a way(especially with a lover). I want to feel that sense of freedom. I want to feel the wind in my hair the sun on my face. I want to cut off everything from home, even if it is just for a little bit. I do not where I would drive or what I would do, but that is the thrill of it. One day I will do it.

BeautifulDreamer725 BeautifulDreamer725
3 Responses Feb 11, 2010

i think we all do sometimes

i'd like to do the same. ever read walden pond by emerson? that is what he did, and he will tell you his story. books can do that for us. it's nice to think about running off (espicially with a lover!)

And you will my friend, any minute now, just step out the door, without fanfare of good and travel one day at a time, then two days, then a week. Keep in touch with the family, and they will understand.<br />
Enjoy the city, state, country, world. It is all open to you. Don't forget to send a post card to EP friends.