I Want To Get Away ,i Want To Fly Away

hello.my mom doesnt understand me.i try to talk to her,but when she feels shes losing the discussion she gets mad and makes the battle a war.

if you dont like your kids whyd you make em in the first place? im not mad at her,i know that she wants to be a good mother,but when i try to help her,she doesnt want to be helped,like she knows it all and doesnt want anything with people lower than herself. everything i do is not perfect in her eyes. I F*C*ING TRY!!!!.cant she understand that?!?!  im turning 20 in 2 weeks. i enlisted in the army.and am supposed to leave in march. i hope that IF/WHEN im back shell understand why i did this. im almost 20 but feel like 50,no wife no kids.barely holding on to pay the bills. i dont smoke i dont drink. most of the time i feel like i just wanna fly away and never look back.i just wanna go.just go just go just go.go sumwhere where im more apreciated. i just wanna live in a cabin by a lake. no electricity ,nothing from the outer world.nothing to remind me of my past.i just wanna start over.alone. im sorry mom,i had no choice of being born. if you feel you must take my life back go ahead shoot me in the head,if you wont,i will.  GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH. HOLD ME TIGHT OR LET ME GO. HATE ME NOW BUT DONT LOVE ME WHEN IM GONE

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4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

thnks guys.i knew there was one place where other human beings cared :)

Well I tried!!! hahaha Ya I agree who DOES say that to their son?!?! You seem to be an upstanding guy and she's not recognizing it. That would anger me too. The thing to remember is that you control only you and outside of that you just have to be patient. So don't over exert yourself trying to change her mind, if she comes around it will be on her own. Just hold tight dude!!!

im sorry .i forgot to mention. i always wanted to join the army.and im currently in a program to become a helicopter pilot.which i also always wanted to be. and in my country this is a big thing. and in away you are right,i wont be free.but at least ill be locked up FROM the outside. and our country doesnt go to wars etc. so dont worry bout that. P.S. update (mom towards me just now). YOUR A ****** UP *******!!!! .....who says that to her son? i dont drink i dont smoke,dont do drugs,i finished my education. i just forget to clean up my clothes and i get that from her :'(

DUDE!!! Whatever you do joining the army is NOT the solution. Please reconsider what you are doing. In the current day and age enlisting is merely making yourself a pawn to corporations and enabling the new world order. Everybody wants to run away sometimes and I'm not saying that running away can't be fruitful but what you are about to do is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You said "GIVE ME FREEDOM OR GIVE ME DEATH" and only one of those is even possible through the army. Soldiers are NOT free.