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Living Here Seems Like A Waste Of Time....

When I was younger and more naive, I would  have never thought of running away. I had lots of friends and was busy and pretty much got anything I needed from my parents. But now that I am in College still living with my parents, I constantly think of running away. My parents fight all the time about money. I should be farther in school but i procrastinated and now am paying the penalty for being lazy. I don't like my boyfriend and am only staying with him because i feel bad for him. I just want to run away and let my past disapear start fresh and never look back.

cpoohbear2004 cpoohbear2004 22-25, F 3 Responses Apr 9, 2010

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so I didn't run away but moved sort of into my grandparents house in ID, not I am kind of regretting it. I know this place is cool but everything that I had is gone. I have nothing here. I have my grandparents but I havent' seen them in more then 10 years. I can't tell if it was good or bad. I have a job and I am going to be going to school. I have a dog I have to take care of and a sister that hates me because I moved out, a mom that jealous because I can get away and I am having problems with her because shes dumb and tells people things I tell her in confidence and yet she tells me all the time I can tell her anything. and yet when I do and its about dad or something she tells dad and I get crap for it., and now I dont' know what I am going to do. thanks for helping me out. but now I don't know what to do.

I am a freshman in college now and I almost stayed in my hometown and went to college. I also had a boyfriend that I hardly ever got along with. 2 weeks before classes started I decided to make a run for it. Although, I was not financially stable, My dad only allowed me to go to school where he went. So here I am, and I love it! I find it very important for a person to leave their hometown. Especially at a young age. Although it is scary, it allows you to make your own decisions and develop your own personality where you can start fresh!

Hi hun, im new to this and have only just started reading this evening, but it seems there are so many people out there who are going through similar experiances or in need of answers.<br />
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i think you need to see the differance between "leaving" and "running away" and make a concious decicion to differentiate between the two.<br />
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you are the captin of your own ship and you are free to sail wherever you want. it might be hard at times and its a big wide dangerous exciting world out there full of choices and forks in the road. non of us have time to take it all in, but if you know that you have reached a dead end and you are hemmed in, the it might be time to take stock and begin to plan sensibly what you can do week on week to get yourself to a place you have always wanted to experiance.<br />
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that said though.....moving on shouldnt ever be considered to be the same as running away. just as your life is interchained with people who at the moment may be making you feel your life is entwined with many many other people who wether you know it or not could be massivley affected by your disapperance. the power is already in you to dont ever need to do it under the cover of secrecy , in a way that may leave other people unresolved or worried for you.<br />
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if you genuinly thing you have outgrown your place, start making the plans, i know from my life that sometimes the simple act of having that inner voice saying that you CAN leave, makes the act of staying a choice rather then a penance.<br />
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hope that helps<br />
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good luck<br />
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