God Give Me My Heart's Desire -walking Through Sunflower Field-in Nc-while My Mother

was in the last stage of Liver Cancer. I had told the hospice nurse that I loved sunflowers and had always wanted to walk in a field. I had not left the house in the 6 months, I was there caring for my mother. ( I came up from FL). She said I know where a field is- lets go. I felt it was a gift.
Oh, the joy I felt seeing, smelling, touching the flowers! Hearing and seeing the fat jumbo black and white bees, their legs and bodies heavy with pollen. The air was sweet and hot. There was so many flower heads on each stalk that some were bent over. I got down on my knees to
experience it as maybe a child would have seen them, and thanked God for giving me this to enjoy. I had borrowed a wonderful camera and have those photos to remind me and as a artist also paint from. Did you know, that the new bud or sunflower follows the sun east to west during the course of a day. The farmer said it was OK for me to cut as many as I wanted! I came back to the house and put all the sunflowers in my mothers room, some around her head and told her she was my "sunflower girl". My mother use to start my sunflower seeds for me every year, and then together we would plant them. Some times we grew the super tall ones! I have photos of Mama standing under them. It has been six years now, and I am going to plan a visit to a sunflower farm somewhere ( I was searching for a farm when I came upon this site). It would again be my hearts desire. Anita
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Oct 22, 2011