Flee Not Run

at 15 years old.  i wanted to leave home.  I did't feel as if i belonged there.  always on the outside looking into a perfect world of happy people.  I was out of place and out of sorts.  I was a caged bird who could not fly...By the time I turned 21 I kept what I called run money on hand. $500 and money for a greyhound ticket.  People would tell me all the time things would get better.  And i always replied worst comes before better. and for me after 20 years of waiting I have not found better only the flipped side of being out... I still don't belong anywhere.  I have no true friends.  I just need a vacation from me.  just six months away from myself...Ahh to forget.    would be nice to wake up in China..without a care in the world a new name, new job and $10,000...
whykeeper whykeeper
36-40, F
Jun 4, 2011