I Want To Run Away From Home..

I'm 19 now, and life at home is unbearable. My mum still dictates what I wear, I'm only allowed out to work and I have to come home straight after work. If I want to go out with friends, I have to make up a dozen excuses. She controls my wages - I get £20 for lunch/travel per week and then a further £20 for my driving lesson as well. I have about £5000 in my account, but my mum has my cards and stuff.

I need advice on how to run away properly. My sister's run away a few times, but she's always brought back the next day. I have no one that would take me in, where could I go to live? How would I gain control of my account if I can't even change the address because I won't have a place to live? It all sounds so hard but I'm determined to make the break because I can't keep on living like this.

Any advice would really be appreciated. Oh, and I live in London, if that helps.

dudettemay dudettemay
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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

well I am running away too and I am 20 now. I will do it when I complete my b tech, that is what I am studying now. I am saving whatever money my mother gives me. I know it is not much but I am ready to take the risk. See you have a job why don't you first try getting yourself a job in another country? arrange for passport and I think the work providers also provide visa. So, after you have a job in another country, try to collect money enough for house rent of one month. That will help you. Then air fare and other smaller needs. you could say to your mom for example that you need to go for a office deal and the ticket has to be bought. Give the name of any country except the one you mean to relocate to and you are set. Go fly

Another thing you could do is try contacting someone who is also ready to run, preferably another girl, and then you could divide the house rent in half and also keep from feeling lonely when you are home after work

Im from philadelphia pennsylvannia (united states) and i want to leave too...ive been askin around on the internet forever but havent found anyone around my age willing to leave yet though...