Running Away

Im going to run away from home soon. Probably march 20th I dont know why I picked that date. I just did out of random. I chose the spring because its like colder than usual here in arizona this year. So I figured I would go in the spring when its a lil warmer out. I've already started packing and all that stuff. Last year I attempted to run away from home but the police found me. But this year I know what not to do so this time I will b successful. My plan is basicly the same as last year. Except im adding something new to it. Im going to take my sisters car for a few hours to get a head start and than leave it somewhere with the keys still in it so they can return it. And im going to be leaving an hour earlier than I did last year. I left at like around 3:30 am last year. So this year im going to leave around 2am. Also no one is going to miss me because im a loner and school and have few friends so its not like a bunch of people will take notice. Plus my family doesnt really like me I think so this is pretty much my late christmas present to them. Im also 16 turning 17 in august. What I hope is that everything will get better and I find a new place to stay and get a job to pay for that place and start a new life. Although what im worried about is somebody finding me again and what they will do this time since this is my 2nd time running away. Hopefully they dont have me go to a therapists or counsler or someone because I dont trust those guys. So wish me luck people im going to need it.
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Can you runaway sooner than that if you can i will with you?

I'm sorry you feel your home life is so miserable. But I must strongly encourage you to wait at least a little longer, until you are 18 and have graduated high school. At that point you won't have to worry about the police coming after you, as you will be legally an adult, and you won't have to be looking over your shoulder all the time. Also, you will have a much better chance at finding a job and being independent. The job market is tough enough as it is, not having graduated high school will only make finding work much more difficult. I know a couple more years must seem like a very long time to keep going as you are, but you've lasted this long, so I think you are strong, and you can do it. Use the goal of getting away from your family the moment you graduate as your motivation, and finish school, maybe look for part-time work in the meantime so you can start saving. And if you need support, you can come here, or other online communities. Maybe you'll find someone you can really bond with. Anyway, that's my two cents. Good luck, whatever you decide.