I Need To

I don't just want to run away from home, I need to. My mother emotionally and verbally abuses me every single day. It's cause many problems in my life and I just can't take it anymore. I don't want to leave my younger sister behind and all the people I love, but living with this woman is slowly killing me. I'm making the plans to leave now. I know that running away is dangerous and difficult but this is the only way that I can escape from her. And I only have to do this for 11 months, until I'm 18.

iloveedward iloveedward
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4 Responses Dec 7, 2009

y does she abuses you?

i agree with dianemoss. your sister needs you.<br />
im in the exact same situation yet my sisters do not care about me either.<br />
atleast you have someone that cares about you. stiick around for her and get a plan about it.

that's how i feel

please don't do that pick up you're bible and read it ,the lord will help you ,if you believe in god see that's ,the devil wanting you to turn to them streets ,them are some cold streets out thier,see guys wait on girls like you ,who said you might live to see ,you're 18th birthday ,you want to be their for you're sister ,then don't do that.you pray and i'll pray also for the both of you.believe me ,god is good he got pray for you're mom also ,cause if you leave you're sister and something happen to you then who do she have to help her love her and show her the way,see it was'nt an accident that i came to this website ,first i said forget this ,then something told to browse through and i read you're story,and i'm glad i did, maybe we can talk i be on faceboook also find me under .. dianemoss/als denise2574@netzero.com stay in touch it's gone be alright,trust in god and show you the way remeber you're little sister she needs you. dianemoss