I Need Too Runaway

I live with my mother, my lilttle sister, my grandparents and one of my aunts. my mothet is abusive. not phisically but emotionally. i contantly get told that i was a mistake and that i will never amount to anything. ii am isolated from my friends and i am not alowed to leave the house.  want to runaway but im scared. i need help. i have no where to go. if i get out i cant come back. if i get cought she will kill me. can any one help?

VampireValentine VampireValentine
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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

i admire your courage! where do you live and did you miss your family??

Thank you. I ran away a while ago.. i'm doing ok..

I'm glad this are going well for you.

My friend same proplem . Though she's experinced with running alway , she is up to do it again and for long , I thought " if you still up for it " I could give you her no or email . " Tc "

Can't you talk to your grandparents? <br />
Or someone in school, a teacher, counselour?<br />
If you want to runaway.. you should plan it very very well.<br />
Where to go, money, etc.<br />
good luck