There Is This Cruise Liner, I Don't Know It's Name.....

There is a cruise liner, I don't know it's name but apparently you can buy a cabin for one million dollars and cruise all around the world non stop.  If i ever publish that best selling novel I'm going to buy myself a cabin and I'm going to be a citizen of the world and never stop cruising.  That truly is my greatest dream.The cabin would have to be a fair size to accommodate all of the things i would buy from different places, and i would also like to write and do artwork when we're just out sailing from port to port.  I can sit around and day dream about that for hours and hours.  I sit and wonder abot how expensive the meals would be, and i make budgets.  How much money would I need to make a year to stay happily sailing the seven seas?  My job would have to be writing, there's nothing else as portable, unless I buy and sell things for profit, but I'm not clever enough to do that.  Maybe I could just keep a dairy and a blog about my travels and make money that way.  I did half a degree in anthropology, maybe theres a need to know about such a life, maybe the government would sponser me, I think I'm becoming a little bit fanciful about things now, but you never know.  Along with that half a degree in anthropolgy, there was half a degree in philosophy, maybe I could combine the two and do a major work of research on different peoples philosophies - no - I didn't think so.  If you can think of a way to finance my dream, drop me a line and I'll cast a fortuitous spell for you.....
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It is called the ResidenSea<br /><br />
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Have fun day dreaming! View all the places it goes! Write that book!