Do I Have to Wait Until I'm Retired?

"I want it now!" Veruca shouted. And I understand how she felt.

I'm not a religious person and I'm not sure about an afterlife. So it's a horrible tragedy to get caught up in the mundane aspects of this existence when it might be the only one. What if I finally start my voyage around the world when I'm 65 and die of a heart attack before I even leave the marina?

I don't want to look back on my life and regret 50 years of 9-5. Hell, who am I kidding? I'm in advertising — 9-5 is a luxury.

So I read. And I plan. Practice. Learn. But I'm still not ready. Any writer will tell you that the simple act of beginning is actually the hardest part. And this would be a big beginning.

Ack! Enough whining! I already sail one of the most beautiful, challenging bodies of water in the world, right in my own back yard. One day I'll take the next step, sail past the Golden Gate and keep on going.

I'll see you out there.
hellosailor hellosailor
36-40, M
1 Response Oct 13, 2006

yes youchuld by all means one ongly live ones so just do it prepear your self and the boat well and put on bord ewery thing you neat nothing els then go.I build my own boat and it took 2,5 years and its a hevywether cruser with special winshis and strong mast build for the north atlantiq wether Your going to love it but one thing wait if there is a bad forcast