All It Takes Is Desire and Guts.

I sailed around the world when I was 14-19 years old. That was back in 1964-69. I’ve sailed a lot of other places since, mostly the West cost of North and South America. I just returned from cruising the Iberian Peninsula and West Africa (I even went up the Gambia River 150 nm and overland to Timbuktu, Mali). I could yarn for hours about my experiences but that seems to bore people so I just stick to letting them ask questions. I’ll be glad to answer yours. If any of you sail into Horta, Azores or Madeira look for my name painted on the wall. If you get to Hann CVD in Dakar or Limen Lodge in Banjul mention my name…those are single entry ports and they’ll remember me and treat you square. My favorite place in the world to sail and relax is the Bahamas. I’ll try to add more here when I get the chance and the inclination.

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He sure did. He sailed alone. I left with my dad the year before he left. Oddly when i later moved to NW MT I ran into him in Kalispell. That was almost 17 years ago. He was having problems requiring rehab. His dad thrust him into that whole thing, too bad, he's a nice guy. Like me he spend his teen years at sea. At least I wasn't alone and didn't have my old man pushing me. I could have gone home at anytime.

You know there was another guy that sailed at that age at that time. His name is Robin Lee Graham.