Save A Pittbull!

I recently had a major loss in my life my husband of 16yrs  died at the age 34, he was hit by a train. He was a track inspector. I got a small dog and named him Mr. Nibbles to help me while i am healing. but it has been 8 months and he pass away, he had a stroke he was a yorkie. By now i am losing my mind but then something wonderful happen. Lucy is a white pittbull. Her owner is a cop and getting married and his new wife hates pitbulls and wants her gone. He has tried to find her a new home but could not trust anyone. So he met me and Lucy came over for a night and ended up being my forever friend. She has small issues nothing that love can not cure. She knows all over basic commands and is very loving. She was abused by a previous owner and has trust issues. Where i live this breed is not accepted but since i train service dogs, i am training her to become one for me. So i am allowed to keep her and to prove to the world these dogs are awesome you just have to believe in them.
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how are you and lucy doing?

So sorry to hear about losing your husband in this tragic accident. That you are reaching out and taking in an animal that many people fear is a good thing. Animals become mean by how they are treated and I wish you success with your new friend Lucy. Hugs,D.