My Pit Kingston Revealed What I Was Meant To Do In My Lifetime

Besides raising 2 very young boys; Kingston was my first true love. I'm sure like most pitbull puppies who are energetic and very playful they can be a handful to raise. But it was worth it because although he is not perfect( only because I didn't train him properly), Kingston stole my heart because of the gentle sweetness and unconditional love he gives me. I must say pitbulls are not for everyone but that goes for any dog and owner. It breaks my heart into a million pieces knowing that this breed suffers so deeply because of the ignorant and unforgiving humans that don't have a heart. Nothing in this world is perfect so why must we punish the helpless and most trusting breed that GOD put on this earth for us. We don't have the authority to punish and kill pitbulls because of the hateful people in this world. With that said, I will own a rescue one day! I am passionate about this breed and want to make a change in the world, I live in Maryland.
Kingston1love Kingston1love
Sep 15, 2012