Every. Animal Should Not Suffer In Pain But Have A Loving Home

I get emotional whenever I see the SPCA commercials on tv. But I can never stop staring into there eyes or then number that I could call to save a helpless animal. I want to have money. I don't. There waiting for a famaliy to save them. Comfort them! But i don't have the money. And I feel so bad What if one died. And I could have saved it from death. I think it's my fault but every one tells me it's not .
Sternrkm Sternrkm
1 Response May 12, 2012

Why not volunteer at your nearest rescue centre, you may not have money but time is just as valuable, if they have enough helpers already you could always fundraise for them.

I'll deffently have to look into that. That never crossed my mind. Thank you I'll for sure. Ask around if a animal shelter near me is available

Your welcome.