Rescues And My Pony

they have helped me, and i will help them. I will never forget the day, when candy apple, a bay ottb pulled into the barn, and stepped off the trailer. scars and blood were on her. she reared up and pulled back. she was dead lame and very frightned. she was saved from slaughter. she is now loved my a little girl and healthy. i have a pony i love. her name is Never Say Never. I named her this because i will never give up on her. I will never sell her. She is my everything. she puts a smile on my face and makes me laugh. i told my self, i am going to have a farm and rescue slaughter bond horses. I will still have my pony no matter what. she will never leave me. ever
greendaykate greendaykate
13-15, F
Feb 26, 2012