No More Killing of Horses.. Lets Save Them From Slaughter

I have been a rescue mission on my own for about 9 months now and its seems the ones i have taken in and cared for havent even touched the surface.. I have just found out that there has been an increase by 75% in this year alone in the slaughter of horses.. Well I say stop ... I want to make a difference.

Iam wanting to start up a non profit program to take horses from slaughter and nurse them and rehome them..

Its hard to believe that most of these horses are young and lovely.. Yes they are.. most in wonderfull shape.. I couldnt believe what i saw and heard..

How can people kill such a wonderfull animal.. any animal for that matter?

Iam looking forward to meeting people who have had experiance in starting a non profit programs and people who can help make make up buttons, banners and stickers to send canada wide.

also am very excited to hear everyones horse storys..

Happy Trails.....

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1 Response Jul 17, 2008

Im actually not sure how I feel about the slaughter of horses for food. I am very much against any type of cruelty to animals, especially horses. It seems to me that the closing of the horse slaughtering facilities in the US has caused MORE horse abuse than it has aleviated it!! Now horses are hauled long distances to Mexico or Canada where we can no longer control how they are treated.However Only a small number are exported because of the cost of transport. <br />
<br />
What do you think happens to the unwanted horses in America? Every horse rescue facility that I know about is filled to capacity and unable to take in anymore. Horses aren't getting adopted because of the amount of free horses on the market - Good, trained usable horses that in other times would bring a good price. Most of the horses in the rescue facility have issues: too old, lame or sick, unridable for one reason or another. They have heath issues that take extra care and vet services (vets are expensive) and usually need a special diet. Most often they need special care for their feet (farriers are very costly) <br />
So what happens to the horses that people can't or dont want to keep? Some of them are put to sleep, but that can be quite costly. Most of the wildlife parks dont need the meat anymore, its been so available.<br />
Park rangers have found some horses dead tied to trees so they coulnt go home, starved to death. Horses have been released on the Indian reservations and stae and federal land to starve to death and die of exposure Modern horses cant survive in the wild In fact some of the mustangs have having a difficult time surviving. Horses are being found shot on the side of the road. The sheriff is called every day to investigate horses being starved to death. In this county they can't do much. If there is hay on the premises (even if they dont feed it) the athorities cant do anything. <br />
I could go on forever. Im sick sick sick to death of it I do what I can Ive taken in as many as I can. I dont know what the answer is