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Please contact  and help save these horses!


Report: Government  Revises Wild Horse Program
By: The Associated Press
November 11 2008, Article # 13066
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The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) needs to consider euthanizing wild
horses or selling many of them to reduce spiraling costs of keeping them in
long-term holding pens, said a government report Monday.

The report by the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of
Congress, said costs of caring for wild horses have skyrocketed in recent
years and likely will account for 74% of the program's overall budget this
year, or more than $27 million.

Within its current budget, "BLM cannot afford to care for all the animals
off the range, while at the same time manage wild horse and burro
populations on the range," the report said.


     Save us please! 


These are the last of the wild and free.


The BLM determines how many wild horses can graze in various areas and
rounds up the excess number to protect the herd, the range and other
foraging animals. The horses are offered for adoption.

There are about 33,000 wild horses on the range in 10 Western states, half
of those in Nevada. The BLM has set a target "appropriate management level"
of horses at 27,000. About 30,000 more horses are in holding facilities.



I say give these horses away at no charge to people who want them!


Tom Gorey, a BLM spokesman in Washington, D.C., said the agency welcomed the

"The GAO report correctly depicts the difficult situation that the BLM finds
itself in with regard to maintaining un adopted or unsold animals in holding
facilities," Gorey said in a written statement.


 We MUST STOP this slaughter!


In late June, BLM Deputy Director Henri Bisson said the agency would
consider euthanizing and selling horses to reduce costs.


Where have all the wild horses gone

                                     Long time passing

                                    Where have all our horses gone

                                    A long long time ago

                                    Where have the wild herds gone

                                   Gone to slaughter every one

                                   When will we ever learn

                                   When will we ever learn?




The report noted the agency has authority to euthanize or sell large numbers
of horses without restrictions but has not done that because of fear of
outrage from the public or Congress.


~My Brothers - My Sisters~ on Experience Project....I am OUTRAGED,how about you?


Other options could be explored, the report said, including relocating
infertile herds to areas outside original boundaries set by the 1971 Wild
Horse and Burro Act, or giving tax breaks to large land owners willing to
care for large numbers of animals.

Some of those measures, however, are outside the agency's authority and
would require congressional approval.

The BLM has relied on adoption programs that require people who adopt the
animals not to sell them for slaughter. The agency also keeps older animals
or those deemed un adoptable in long-term facilities. Some live for 15 to 20
years in the pens.

Some advocates say horse populations are a result of years of mismanagement
by the BLM. They also say horses are given short shrift on public lands
because they compete with livestock for available forage.


  What does it say for us as a country that we place so little value on life and freedom?


Advocates could not be reached for immediate comment on the lengthy report,
but they have said other alternatives need to be considered.

  Who could kill such as this?

"There are better ways to deal with the problems BLM is facing," Lacy Dalton
president of the Let 'Em Run Foundation, said in July. Dalton says the
government should build sanctuaries and give tax breaks to ranchers who let
wild horses in their grazing areas.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lacy Dalton and buying her wonderful CD "Wild Horse Crossing".

Proceeds from the sale of this CD help the wild horses. There are some amazing songs you will love on it.

Please everyone contact her at Let 'Em Run Foundation.

Maybe we can save the wild horses!

"These horses are a beautiful symbol of this country, and I believe the public will not stand for their deaths. The public is willing to do what they can to prevent that," Dalton said.


PeaceOnEarth PeaceOnEarth 46-50, F 20 Responses Nov 15, 2008

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Hi Peaceonearth. I have been working to stop horse slaughter for over 3 years now. Someone best describes the experience as "peeling an onion". The more la<x>yers you peel, the more you cry! My life has turned upside down learning all I know. I belong to a group that raises money on a daily basis to save horses from slaughter, so far we have save 2800 in this year. I am the owner of one I personally saved and I just wish I could have more (need more land).<br />
Someone mentioned about the tb's being slaughtered after retirement. That is not the case sadly, these horses are going right off the racetrack and on the slaughtertruck, injured and just did not win that race. We have rescued at least 500 who came to us that way. Not willingly coming to us, but now many tracks have adopted a program called Zero Tolerance. IF a trainer, owner, etc sends a horse to slaughter or that horse is slaughtered, they can no longer race horses at the track. It's a start. Sadly now these people at the track are not even sending the horse to auction. <br />
If you really want to help, you need to make daily calls to congress to ask them to support H.R. 503 (The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act). We did get this bill passed years ago but Senate did not vote. If you need any information, please go to the site I work on saving these babies and please join us at <br />
Americans Against Horse Slaughter.<br />
Thank you for looking out for these babies. We are well prepared this year to battle the Cattlemen again, we have a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) 906 page document from USDA where the photos show the truth of horses being dismembered and clearly alive when slaughtered. This is a fact that pro slaughter has tried to make others believe is not happening, but with this report, we FINALLY have our proof.<br />
<br />
Sharon Crumb

"This is amazing.."<br />
<br />
and an outrage!

'I believe if I had a 27 million dollar budget I could care for these horses and much much more.<br />
Our government at work...."<br />
<br />
I bet you could Blue!

I believe if I had a 27 million dollar budget I could care for these horses and much much more.<br />
Our government at work....

"Went to the website and signed your petition."<br />
<br />
Thank you so much RESCUE.<br />
Many Blessings...

Oh ladee...I huggles you!

Went to the website and signed your petition. Glad to do it. Pray it does some good because this is a crazy cruel world and it needs all the help it can get.

Man is the biggest animal on this earth!!! The bible says all those who love animals have wisdom. Man is cruel to his brother so how can we expect them to be kind to animals? I will check out that site.

"No conscious being should be murdered."<br />
<br />
When will they ever learn ELFINSONG?

PeedeeDog.<br />
The horses that Lacy Dalton sings about on hher CD are up there in Qregon!<br />
Storey County....<br />
Maybe I can find some of this music to share here.<br />
Thanks for your comment.<br />

"Am going to check out the site you posted right now!...I also have a story about saving almost anything on the planet named"<br />
<br />
Thank you ladee54,I will also go to!

Yes skyelillie,I agree with you concerning the treatment of racehorses...

I just read a news article in the Sunday paper about the BLM and wild horses in Eastern Oregon!<br />
<br />
I wonder about activists who are so concerned the endangered spotted owl and logging. What about the endangerment of wild horses and the ranges they run??<br />
Isn't that just as important??

"We continue to slaughter each other so why not horses?"<br />
<br />
Yes,humankind needs an attitude adjustment!

"..I can't believe this is happening.."<br />
<br />
I know joon,it is very disturbing.<br />
There is contact info at the top of the story here....

"Thank you for the wake up call POE.."<br />
<br />
Yes,this was called to my attention and I wanted to spread the word because Lacy Dalton is a great gal and she has done a lot to help the mustangs...all the proceeds from sales of her CD "Wild Horse Crossing" are donated to help the cause...

Thank you for posting this POE. I've been angry about this very subject for years. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that the wasteful slaughter of these beautiful animals is wrong! Another thing along this line that ****** me off is the amount of thorobred(sorry about the spelling) race horses that are slaughtered after retirement. It's one reason I don't like going to horseraces. Thankfully at the local racetrack here a lot of race horse owners do practice this philosphy. They put bulletins up saying free to good home and anyone who can afford and is able to take a horse is allowed to have them. So I comepletely agree. They should give these poor horses to someone who wants them for free. Instead of sending them to the slaughter house and the disgusting end that will await them there.

I can't believe this is happening. Its so sad. I just saw a documentary about wild horses, and how they survive in the wild and have families. I don't believe animals should spend their lives in pens or cages. I hope people see what you wrote and read other articles about this issue, so they can help.

Yes moomouse24,it is a tragedy and I wish I could do more to help.<br />
Thank you for your comment.

I just found this group after posting a similar story with the "I Dig The Underground News" group.<br />
Since lives are at stake,I am posting with this group also.Thank you.