Can't Trust Him

It been almost two years since my husband has cheated on me. He had an affier for a month in tell I found out. We took time apart for about 3 months but then slowly got back togeather he didn't admite to it at first but then he told me the truth. It's just so hard I'm so affried that he'll do it agian he has change and proven to me he wants me and only me. I just hate him at times for what he has done too me some time I just want to get up and leave. We really don't fight it just some days I'm fine and some day it hits me like it happens yesterday. I'm trying to for give and for get and trust him to rebuild are marrige for us a are childern just some times I think I can't. I do love him so much and that what keeping me there but I don't know how long I can keep on fighting to hold on can you pls help thank you.
Orianna08 Orianna08
Nov 26, 2012