Those beautiful, majestic creatures. They are so advanced, so diverse. Orcas, *****, humpback, they all play a huge part in our ecosystem. I saw a documentary on Humpbacks and we finally think we may have found a breeding ground for them. After thousands of years hunting them and wasting their precious parts in only 100 years we have learned so much about them. In a documentary about ***** whales I learned that when an old whale dies and washes up, we can learn more from just one natural death than the Japanese have learned in all their years of needless slaughter. We have discovered new species of squid because of this, it had scars from battles that had squid tentacles in them that were from undiscovered mammoth (or colossal) squid. We have since found pieces of dead colossal squid, but no live ones, unless it happened in the last year (which is very likely) I am a marine biology major specializing in whales so just ask if you have any questions!!
elvenqueen elvenqueen
18-21, F
Aug 4, 2010