I Want To Save The Whales From Slaughter

Growing up I admired these beautiful animals, I remember having posters of them and also doing projects on them. One day in class we even listened to the strange noises they make. I remember this very clearly. I thought how wonderful it was to have these beautiful animals in our seas.

Then I grew up and reality hit me. The worst of the worst. I learnt of the evil japanese, and a little resarch soon makes it clear just how disgusting whaling is. I wish 'whaling' never existed. The photos you can find are sickening, watching footage of the harpooning makes me want to cry. I do not know how any human with a heart could do with despicable act.

I see the Sea Shepard out in the ocean trying their hardest to reduce the catch each year the enemy goes into often protected waters to kill our whales. I wish my government had the balls to stand up against japan, but they don't and they never will. Instead it is up to heroic people to put their lives on the line. I would happily join them.

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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

kafka,because for the most part,we do nothing,and before u know it there gone,like so many

Hahaha, I have actually, could almost be used to fire a harpoon itself.

Have you ever seen a whale penis? I stood next to one (in a whaling port, in Japan). It's hard not to respect an animal with an appendage that big... never mind the brain...