​I dont know much about the government but I know it does not work. I am homeless and I want to save the world. I believe it will take drastic measures. The reward is usually related to the risk. I have a plan, check my profile for my website. I think we all need to talk about the future and prepare for change. Where are we going next America, World?
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

How do you plan to change the world?

It begins with talking about it, I believe. We as people need to get together and decide what we truly want as a whole and once that is done there are as many ways to accomplish those goals as there are ways of thought. I know that the world needs change. I have a lot of ideas about how it should be but its not my world we all have to agree. Briefly the main ideas I believe is we need to eliminate corruption which is related to the reward system (aka money) and generally become a more caring (aware) society. check out my website and forums for some of my ideas pinkwhiteandpurple.org