Gall Bladder?

     PT, you are one of my EP friends, and I suspect that if we knew each other in the real world, we would be friends there also.  I have already said a prayer for your speedy and complete recovery from the ikky surgery that fixes the problem.  I know you will do well and have no problem.  I also had a talk with my old friend Santa Claus and he assured me that he would leave a little something extra in your stocking next Christmas. I'm not sure what he meant, but if I were you, I would line my stocking with plastic next year.

     By the way, did the Doctors explain to you that the gall bladder is one of the primary sexual controllers in the male body.  Often, after surgery men lose their ability to ********** into a cup.  I am not sure, but I understand that it is something about no longer having the gall to do it.  I understand that with proper therapy, you will be able to overcome this problem. 

     Get well fast and get back to the EP fun club.  We miss you when you are not here.  And I know you will miss us, especially Pixe.





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7 Responses Feb 12, 2010

mewold takes the magnifying glass, looks, and scares himself........................grins................

Elf hands mewold a magnifying glass................ smiles

I had a custom made 3 " strap-on made. The just modeled mine and doubled it. lol

PT<br />
I will add Love ,Light and Blessings for a speedy recovery.... I hope for your sake it is a complete recovery...<br />
But just in case it isn't I am sending you a nice 6" strap-on............I know.....I know Its a monster compared to what you are use to...there may be a learning curve.... but they just don't make them in 3 " size...smiles

Yea, Marji, I heard he was quicker than lightning in other ways too. (PT, If you see this, I am just kidding, but if you don't see it, I am not kidding.) lol

No, Marji, actually PT is always the last to know. HA, HA, HA.

Notice to all. Ptman made it back from surgery and has regained use of his primary sex organs. Now, don't start cracking on him and saying things like, "His Mouth?", Or "Does he have trouble sitting down?", or other such mean things. He is much too nice a guy to talk about him like that. So you guys make sure you are very kind to him. After all, at his advanced age, we never know when he will forget how to type, and we will lose him.