It's Hard To Say Good Bye

but I can't deal with E.P. anymore.  All they care about is the new improvement.  Open your eyes to fix the trolls and fake profile. Farewell.

Sorry to all my friends. I know I say I will stay on E.P. forever. I can change my mind. Right?

I'm here for 2 years. All **** happened. I tried to ignore but I can't anymore. So long. God speed.

mother1983 mother1983
31-35, F
6 Responses Aug 7, 2010

aww..Sorry.. I have come down now. Thanks. I'm very touched.

I will always remember that you were one of the first to welcome me here and write on my stories <br />
<br />
Ep is different now for sure <br />
<br />
But there were baddies even back then

i kinda of agree with that...they are more concerned with making the site as best as it can be, but fail to fix the problems that have plagued the members for quite some time now. geez. fix that...that would be a huge improvement.<br />
<br />
sorry to see you going Mother :( but...i know how you feel. i've been sticking with only my circle of friends for quite a while, being VERY picky about who i add these days. it helps, but the prob is still out there

I'm sorry to see you leave hon. I'll miss you. *hugs tight*

You are an icon here, Mother. You will be missed.

cant believe u r leaving..wish u wouldnt