Happy Birthday ''asiabree''...you're 25 Years Old.

You know, its funny...

When you were little I would think about you getting older

I'd tell myself- ''no way''-

I'll always be able to give her a kiss good night and hold her

I would think how glad , that  when it would be-'TODAY-YOUR 25 BIRTHDAY'

it would be so many years away.

But, I was wrong- those days of dressing you up and french braiding your hair came and  went so fast

I counted on those days to keep you safe in my arms to forever last

Watching you grow has been a reward all of its own

Transforming into the most beautiful and amazing woman I have come to know

When I hear other people talk about there children growing up and moving out

I ask -am I the only mom- who finds strength in being close- and the comfort you bring all my doubts

The things I fear- the things that enrage or bring out such emotion

What calms my worries-is the love of you your strength and devotion...

Inspires me and makes it easier to get through it all

And when I think of all the things Ive wanted to give you- all the times I've hit a wall-

Thinking how you deserved so much more which is why I could tear down the world

when I see times you're unhappy-upset or something ''hurts my little girl''

If I could of given you everything it still wouldn't be enough

But I so tried to give you more than what you had

Though nothing could  love you more or as much

Nothing could make me feel what I cannot describe-

When I look at you and remember- that you were once this tiny little creature inside

The amazement captivates me- and at the same time saddens me deeply

If I had only known the days of you in a blue and white ***** night gown-

and the sound of your voice when you were sleepy

Would turn into phone call texts and emails instead

Would turn from ''MAC & ME''  ''E.T.'' AND ''LITTLE OLD LADY''  before bed

And days walking to  the ''little park'' and watching you play-

Would - one day- be watching you with your son-visiting-

Then get in your car and drive away.

If I had only seen that time with a little girl who means so much to me

Was only going to last a blink of an eye, if the future I could of seen

I would of bottled up every second of you

so I could have my little girl again when ever I wanted to..

And nothing could give me more joy then the joy you will find in the special moments

the laughter and the tears

to complete your life in all the ways that you have mine-

all of these 25 years!



Iam so proud a honored to have you as my daughter and I , your mother-


I love you  'ASIA BREE'


LOVE 'MoM'....................XO 2010

nethingunderdasun nethingunderdasun
41-45, F
Apr 21, 2010