Just Because You're Single Doesn't Mean You Can't Celebrate

I have to admit that I have never ever had a boyfriend for Valentines day.  As a child I adored this day because it meant candy.  V-day had nothing to do with romance or love, it meant getting candy from every person in my class.  (Of course I had to give them candy too.)  A week before valentines day, my brother and I would sit in the kitchen, decorating our shoe boxes, cutting out little slip holes and cover them with shiny paper.  When Valentines day came, we would go to school happily, knowing by the end of the day our decorated shoe boxes would be filled with candy.  Then when we graduated to middle school, they stopped the wonderful candy tradition, and Valentines day was no long so appealing.

Couples everywhere plan for Valentines Day with anticipation, because it's such a "romantic" holiday.  Meanwhile, the single people glumly stay at home because they don't have dates.  Right?

No, not neccessarily.  So what if Valentines Day was made by the candy companies?  So what if the media keeps portraying this day as a day for couples?  Just because that's how it's portrayed, doesn't mean you have to spend it searching for a date or sitting glumly at home.  I have decided to look at V-Day as a day of love.  I may be single, but I'm not alone.  I may not be in a relationship, but I am not unloved.  I woke up this morning to the sound of my cell phone going off.  At first I was confused.  I thought, "I don't remember setting my alarm last night."  But when I looked at my cell, it wasn't my alarm going off, it was a text alert.  One of my friends was wishing me a happy valentines day.  I thought, "Oh how nice," and went back to sleep.  Or at least I tried to.  Five minutes later my phone went off again!  Another text from another friend, thinking of me on this V-day, and hoping that I enjoy it.  

Later, when I was finally dressed and out of bed, I got online, and soon after, my friend Chichirocket sent me a valentines day video.  Then, when I got on ep, I found that many of my ep friends had sent me wonderful greeting cards.  How can I be depressed about being single on Valentines Day, when I know I'm in the thoughts of others?  

So I am going to enjoy this Valentines Day, and wish everyone I know and love a happy Valentines Day as well.  And if everyone is busy with their own v-day plans, then I hope they have the best time they can on this day.  And if I have to spend it alone, then I'm going to pop in one of my favorite movies and surround myself with chocolate, because really, that doesn't sound like a bad night to me.  I like the peacefulness of being alone, and if I can get a peaceful night to myself on Valentines Day, then why not add chocolate to the mix?  If you're single too, and have no plans, then why not try this plan too?  Or try getting ahold of one of your fellow single friends, and spend the day with someone you care about.  Surround yourselves with chocolate and watch a favorite movie.  

There is no reason why this day has to be for couples only, so enjoy it the best you can, single or not.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day. 

SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2009

Not to bash your feelings in any way but Valentines Day is only good for one thing and thats massacres. But your right Im glum maybe thatll change next year. Any way happy belated V-Day