The Raven, The Earth Maiden, And The Wind.

Once upon a time there was an earth maiden. She went through the motions of living. She existed. She existed this way for a long time. Over the years she had cried; she had yelled; she had screamed; she had retreated; she had tried everything that existed and even created ways to cope, to solve, to try to live in this union that was not. She had blamed herself as she did not know. She was young. She was uncertain. She wondered how this could be. She knew it was not right. It was unclear. So she continued. She would never be convinced that this was the way her life was meant to be. She even gave up her words. Put them far away cause no one would hear them, no one would understand, she could even fool them with the colourful stage, bright lights, and they even applauded her. They could not see the sadness hidden in her blue, blue eyes. How low she had sunk. She fell into the rabbit hole of EP one summer in 2011. She wandered around. Answered some questions. Started to learn to recognize people by their avatars. But I digress...
Back to the earth maiden. She was very desperate. She was empty. She was a desert maiden now. She had resolved to make changes. No more empty words. Words of power. Strength. Resolve. Solutions. Solitary, but mighty. Cause this earth maiden who was desert now knew she was slowly dying. Day by day, night by night. And the one December nearly did her in. She knew that a slumber in a wooden box buried deep in the earth was the only solution if she did not save herself. She had that one choice. Live or die. So she chose life. Because she had a son. And she could not leave him like that. That was not the way.
One day a Raven appeared. He came with games like ravens do. Rakish. Charming. Raucous. Intense. Mysterious. Perched on a tree in the desert, caw caw cawing. The desert maiden was amused and touched both. And he came much closer on that Christmas day when tears flowed. And he dried them with his Raven words. And the desert maiden found solace in this strange bird. And love too.
But let us not forget the Wind. He had existed already. He was as close as the Wind could be. A brother Wind really....The desert maiden knew of his words whispered and louder, but was not really certain how he really blew. But he had caressed her skin softly. And brought her some comfort in his own Wind ways. And she learned of this love when she grew bold enough to inquire.
So the Raven and the Wind met. As they were meant to. Because they both loved the earth maiden who had become the desert maiden. She learned to drink the water that the Wind brought to her from the clouds. At first slowly then more and more as she had been thirsty for a long, long, long time. It seemed she would never have enough water. She grew to love to have the Wind close to her, skin on skin.  And the Raven stayed close. He brought her a quiet peace. An intense one. And she found comfort in his enduring presence. The maiden loved both the Raven and the Wind.  And slowly the desert maiden became a new earth woman. She is still learning, and growing...She just wanted the Raven and the Wind to know how much she loves them. I hope they hear her words. I love you, Raven. I love you, Wind. kissessssssssssssssssssssss....Cynthia.
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2 Responses Mar 1, 2013

I love the way you use Zoomorphism in your writing if that is the correct word. (And if it isn't the correct word then I love the way you tell your life story in fictitious abstract ways)

I understand more than you could know.

beautiful Cyn,and appreciated xxxxxxxxx