Inded He Is...i Love You Dad

my dad...i just sometimes cant get words to say who he is really. He is this one ever positive thinking person who never gives up on what he does. i remember the first job he had was not so satisfactory but still he worked hard. he never gave up till had his last job at the company in a very big position after passing almost 9 positions below him. he was discouraged but loved by many. he came out as the best worker ever worked in that company and he is my Hero. he was recruited had to stop working there. but he still had courage to stand on his feet because he knew deep inside he had people looking up on him and it was not right for him to stop working. it came a time in the 2nd job he was, he just had symptoms of athma. iu cried, i wished i could stop schooling so as to take care of him but he never let me think negative health of him. HE IS MY HERO. right now he is among the best dads i know who has come from zero to hero because of theircourage and positive thionking.
he loved us anyway......despite all he passed through.....I LOVE YOU DAD.
nkoimo nkoimo
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012