It's Said In All The Little Things I Do For You

I have a thought about this.  While it's both important to say "I love you" and to hear it said back, there are more ways a person actually delivers this message.  I remember a couple times back when I was still married pulling over to a road-side kiosk on our way home from a long summer day-trip (farm country was just covered with these), where I bought my wife a bouquet.  Come to think of it, I did this for a woman I was attracted to a couple years ago, but didn't know how I should break the ice with (she worked as a grocery store cashier is how I knew her).  Rather than going up to her and tripping all over my tongue, I went to a nearby florist and had a bouquet and card delivered to her at the store.  While it turned out she wasn't interested (she was already spoken for), she called and thanked me nonetheless for the gesture. 

Sometimes saying "I love you" involves nothing more than just being there for someone.  So often it's the little, every day things we do that remind that special person that "I love you," from a phone call at lunch to going to the movies on the weekend to a simple hug.  I think we all want to say "I love you," but there's more than one way to do so, even without pronouncing those three magic words out loud.
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

It is an amazing feeling, I agree. I'm glad you found someone you are now able to share this beautiful experience with.